Through Taylor’s School of Education, students have the opportunity to undergo placement at any one of the reputable schools within the network of the Taylor’s Schools, including Taylor’s International Schools, Australian International School Malaysia (AISM), Garden International School (GIS) and Nexus International School.

Facilitated and guided by experienced lecturers, our students are taught to see the connections between educational theories and classroom practice and address the theory-practice gap. The experience of teaching in schools reinforces and supports the educational theories and classroom practice.
School Orientation and Culture / Teaching Assistance
Students are exposed to the primary school environment for a short duration, to learn about the facilities, administrative process and academic units. They will also experience and observe the school’s culture and daily routines of the teachers and learners.
Teaching Practice
Students are exposed to a 12-week practical teaching experience within a school system, whereby they will be guided by a mentor who will show them the ropes. During this time, students can design and critique lesson plans and teaching materials, present their materials in a classroom setting and put their classroom theories into practice.
Taylor’s World Class Teachers Programme
As part of our commitment to producing outstanding world-class educators with a passion for their profession, Taylor’s University has initiated the Taylor’s World Class Teachers Programme (TWCTP).

TWCTS is the first teacher development programme of its kind in Malaysia, to help raise the standard of teaching in the country by elevating the teaching profession and attracting excellent candidates to enter the field of education.
Taylor’s International School offers a global learning experience based on the British curriculum, leading to excellence in IGCSE qualifications, as well as grounding in Eastern values.

Garden International School (GIS) is the largest private, co-educational, international school in Malaysia and is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS).

The Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) is the first and only International School in Malaysia offering an Australian Curriculum, delivered by Australian teachers, and following the Australian school year.

NEXUS International School Putrajaya has a team of highly qualified international educators, delivering well-balanced curricula based on the best standards and practices used around the world.
For more information on TWCTS and the TWCTS Scholarship, please visit www.taylors.edu.my/popup/twct/.