1st EURECA 2013 (ISBN 978-967-0173-12-2)

Table of Contents

Ultrasonic Recordings and Signal Processing of Bats
Darren J. H. Wong, Hosseini M. Fouladi

Calculation of Aerodynamic Drag of Human Beings in Various Positions
Mun Hon Koo, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi

Analysis and Positioning of Blade Structure for the Maglev Assisted Vertical Axis Wind Turbine S. C.
Tay, Aravind CV, Rajparthiban R.

Effects of Xanthan Gum Concentration on Spray Drying of Piper Betel L. Leaves Extract
X. K. Lim, L. H. Tee, Y. A. Yusof, C. H. Chong

Investigations of Wing Tip Sails
Chin Jitve, Mushtak Al-Atabi

Design and Evaluation of Enhanced Handheld Hydraulic Wrench
M. F. A. M. Nasir, M. H. Fouladi

Peak Demand Analysis for the Look-Ahead Energy Management System: A Case Study at Taylor’s University
Nadarajan, Aravind CV

Study of Spray Drying of 'Piper Betle L.' Leaves Extract using Whey Protein
Boey Kah Heng, Tee Lee Hong, Masniroszaime, Rajesh Rajasekaran, Yus Aniza Yusof

Numerical Simulation of Light Sport Aircraft Structure
Mohammed Hasan Al-Amoudi, Alexander Chee Hon Cheong

Design and Analyses of a Six-Legged Robot Simulating Bug Movement
Imad Fahim

Linear Flux Switching Induction Actuator
Khumira I, Aravind CV, R. N. Firdaus, F. Azhar

Drying Kinetics of Pesticides Droplets
Hiong Guo Naik, Meng Wai Woo, Heng JYY, Chien Hwa Chong

Numerical Analysis of Sports Shoes Ankle Protection
M. N. Jalil, C. H. Alex

Microwave Assisted Infrared Drying of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.)
See Wai Lik, Chien Hwa Chong

A Structural Investigation of an Electric Car Chassis
R. Y. Teh, Douglas K. T. Tong

The Effect of Frequency change on Transmission Losses in Low Frequency Resonator Tubes
Low Zhi Weng, Yousif Abdalla Abakr

Optimisation the Concentration of Thymol from Dried Plectranthus amboinicus leaves
Ng Kuok Loong, Puteri Farah Wahida, Chong Chien Hwa

Fluctuating Inlet Flow Conditions for Use in Urban Air Quality Studies
S. M. Kwa, S. M. Salim

Performance Analysis of a Variable Pitch Helicopter Rotor
Muhammad Firdaus Abu Bakar, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi

Computer Intelligent System for Control and Collision Avoidance at Auto-Landing using the Mammal (e.g. bat) Intelligence and Signals
M. H. Shari_, P. Hoole

Biodiesel Production from Ethanolysis of Palm Oil with Immobilized Lipase
Yeow Joo Buan, Marwan M. Shamel

Aerodynamics Loads on Trees During Storms
C. J. Gan, S. M. Salim

Investigation of Flow Across a Symmetrical Airfoil with Backward Facing Step
Yap Wai Kit, Mushtak Al-Atabi

Design and Implementation of a Micro Scale Radio Frequency Energy Harvester
Bashir Beikzadeh

The Effect of Synthetic Jet Mixing on Enzyme Activity
Lim Yeong Leong, Marwan M. Shamel

CFD Simulation of Natural Ventilation and Pollution Dispersion in Taylor's Lakeside Campus
N. S. Virik, S. M. Salim

Aerodynamic Investigation of a Solar Car Body
Mark Darwin A/L Partap Singh, S. M. Salim

MEMs Biosensor: The Electromagnetism Approach
Chan Ching Hong, Edwin C. Y. Chung, Kandasamy Pirapaharan

Arsenic Biological Interaction Kinetics from Waste Water
Yee Wai See, Marwan M. Shamel

CFD Application on Cleanrooms Design
C. Y. Chuah, Salim. M. Salim, H. G. Low

Effect of Wing Configuration on Lift at Supersonic Speeds
Eric T. N. K, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi

Blind Signal Separation Implementation on Power Systems
Tan Yen Choung

Mechanical Stability of Ca-alginate Beads as Support for Yeast Cells
N. F. H. Fadel, M. M. Shamel, M. M. Zain

Numerical Study of Pollutant Dispersion within Urban Canyons
S. S. Tan, S. M. Salim

Drag of Conical Nose at Supersonic Speeds
Arthur S. Q. Saw, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi

Investigation of Blood Flow through Mitral Valve
Yvonne H. L. Lim, Mushtak Al-Atabi

Sport Shoes Traction Testing Device
Malvinder Singh, Alexander Chee Hon Cheong

Calculation and Optimisation of the Aerodynamic Drag of an Open-Wheel Race Car
Chung Sun Lee, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi

Experimentation and Simulation on the Design of Intake Manifold Port on Engine Performance
Y. K. Loong, Salim M. Salim

Effect of Viscosity on Impedance Pump Performance
Muhammad Hamri Bin Ibrahim, Mushtak Al-Atabi

Automatic Car-Plate Detection and Recognition System
Ng Simin, Florence Choong Chiao Mei

Removal of Zn2+ from Wastewater using Membrane Electrolysis
Ng Kah Kit, Nurhazwani Ismail, TVN Padmesh

Evaluation of CFD Sub-Models for the Intake Manifold Port Flow Analysis
M. M. Khan, S. M. Salim

Semi-Empirical Model for Forced-Convection Condensation on Integral Finned-Tubes
Muhammad Habib Zaid, S. Namasivayam

Digital Power Control Supply for Critical Systems
Saniy Azman, Aravind CV

Removal of PM2.5 and PM10 using Palm Shell as Activated Carbon
Christopher M. K. Chew, Ralina Shirin Akbar, Nurhazwani Ismail, TVN Padmesh

Effects of Physical Properties on Resonance of Malaysian Natural Fibers Panel
A. N. Rahman, M. H. Nassir

Energy Efficient Measures in Cement Production
Nawoor Ilshad, Satesh Navasivayam

Maximum Power Point Tracking in Domestic Application
Trinetra A/L Sundrasagra, Mohammad Taghi Hajibeigy

Adsorption of Gaseous Pollutants (SO2 & CO) onto Palm Shell Activated Carbon
Ralina Shirin Akbar, Christopher M. K. Chew, Nurhazwani Ismail, TVN Padmesh

Motorised Bat Wing
Po Chia Chong, Mohammad Hosseini Fouladi

Bed Massage: Automated Heating and Cooling Cycle for Muscle Recovery
Nor Syazwani Mohd Yasin, Mohamed Nassir

Controller Tuning for a Nonlinear Liquid Level System
Chan Woei Shyan, TVN. Padmesh , K. Suresh Manic

The Dynamic Response of Static Pressure Sensors when used on Acoustics Measurement Applications
Low Zhi Weng, Yousif Abdalla Abakr

Heat Transfer in a Typical Malaysian Room
Mohanad Yahya, Mohamed H. Nassir

Biosorption of Dyes onto Mango Seed and Pineapple Peel
Keshminder Singh, T.V.N Padmesh

The Effect of Change of Radius of Curvature on Transmission Losses in a Low Frequency Resonator
Tubes Low Zhi Weng, Yousif Abdalla Abakr

Development of Modal Test Fixtures for Multi-bent Copper Tubes
Mohammad Hosseini Fouladi, Yap Kim Haw, Cheok Jian Tyng

Design an Experiment for Hydrostatics Force Measurements
Muhammad Azim Mohd Shari_uddin, Mohamed Nassir

Solar Drying of Polygonum Minus Huds
Puong Wee Lau, Puteri Farah Wahida, Chien Hwa Chong

Heat Transfer Enhancement using CNT Nano Fluids in a Turbulent Flow Heat Exchanger – An Experimental Study
Seik San Ong, Rashmi Walvekar

Develop an Integrated Approach to FE Model Correlation on Multi-Bent Deoxidised Copper Phosphorus Tubes
D. Z. Lim, M. Hosseini Fouladi, K. H. Yap

An Application of Research Methodology Framework Relating Cognitive Ergonomics to Sports Science
Terence Foo Kai Wai, Praveena Nair Sivasankaran

Investigation of Flow Profile in Spray Drying Process
Cher Pin Song, Rashmi Gangasa Walvekar, Lee Hong Tee

Tribological Evaluation of Nano Graphene Platelets as an Additive to Biolubricant Base Fluid
Arwin Goo Zen, Rashmi G. W

Noise Reduction at Taylor’s Temptation Restaurant
Mohd A_q Bin Mohd Saleh, Hosseini Fouladi

Design and Analysis of a Thermo-Acoustic Refrigerator
Mohamed Gamal Mekdad, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi

CFD Simulation of Forced Convection Nano Fluid Flow inside a Circular Conduit
Low Lup Kwan, Rashmi G. Walvekar, Salim Mohamed Salim

Efficient Air-Condition Unit by using CNT Nanoparticles in Lubricant Oil
Mohammad Abbas, Rashmi G. Walvekar, Mohammad Taghi Hajibeigy, Farhood S. Javadi

Vibration Isolation of Machinery
Mohd Rosyazril Aisyam Rusly

Numerical Analysis: The Effect of Composite Material on Insole Sport Shoe on Foot Pattern
John Whaley, Alexander Chee Hon Cheong

Investigation of Mixing using Synthetic Jets
Ferng Lin Ooi, Mushtak Al-Atabi

Developing an Integrated Approach for Experimental Modal Analysis of Multi-Bent Copper Phosphorous Tubes
P. Kamalanathan, M. Hosseini Fouladi, K. H. Yap

Effect of Condensate Inundation on Enhanced Tubes
Bryan C. W. Ng, S. Namasivayam

Drying Kinetics and Total Phenolic Content of Dried Mentha Arvensis Linn Leaves
Siew Fan Wong, Puteri Farah Wahida, Chien Hwa Chong

Numerical Simulation on Outsole of Basketball Shoes
A. T. Tan, Alexander Chee H. C.

2nd EURECA 2014 (ISBN 978-967-0173-16-0)

2CE1-Removal Cadmium Ions from Aqueous Solutions by biosorption on Pomelo Peel
Pin Jia Chong, Masniroszaime Md. Zain

2CE2-Characterisation of By-Products from Torrefaction of Palm Mesocarp Fibre
Eng Yee Theng, VeenaDoshi

2CE3-Preparation and Stability of Graphene Nanofluids Using Ionic Liquid Analogues
Yan Kai Fang, RashmiGangasa Walvekar, Shahbaz Kaveh

2CE4-Mechanical Behaviour of Thermoplastic StarchMontmorilloniteAlumina Trihydrate Nanocomposites
Firnaaz Ahamed, Siew Wei Phang, Tin Sin Lee

2CE5-CFD Simulation for Gas Chlorine Dispersion
Yan Wei Goh, Chien Hwa Chong, Chin Hong Lim

2CE6-Potential of Biosorbent on Treatment of Industrial Wastewater
Gui Jit Liang, Kaveh Shahbaz

2CE7-Removal of glycerol from palm oil-based biodiesel using new ionic liquids analogous
Kah Chun Ho, Kaveh Shahbaz, Rashmi Gangasa Walvekar

2CE8-Uptake of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution onto Rhyzopus oryzae in batch and continuous studies
Jayasilan Selvam, Masniroszaime, Kaveh Shahbaz

2CE9-Potential of Microalgae on the Production of Biodiesel
Jovian J. Maynardo, Veena Doshi, Jeevan Raj Rajanren

2CE10-Drying Kinetics of Medicinal Herbs
Chun Hong Khek, ChienHwa Chong, Adam Figiel,Antoni Szummy, Aneta Wojdyło

2CE11-Degradation of low density polyethylene-starch blend polymer in acid and base solution
Meow Shan Khoo, Siew Wei Phang, Tin Sin Lee

2CE13-Sintering Behavior of Forsterite with Manganese Oxide (MnO2) as Doping Agent
Kumanan Angumuthu, Jeffrey Chin Kong Leong

2CE14-Production of Activated Carbon from Sugarcane and Coconut Shell
Joan Na Lee, Xiao Yien Lim

2CE15-Removal of antibiotics from synthetic wastewater by Advanced Oxidation Process
Mohamad Farid bin Che Wil, Rajesh Nithyanandam

2CE16-Comparison of different methods for extraction of herbs
Mu’ammar Rusydi Shapheri, Rajesh Nithyanandam

2CE17-Stability Studies of Graphene Nanolubricants using ionic liquid analogues
Noor Arliya Shaharuddin, Rashmi G. Walvekar, Kaveh Shahbaz

2CE18-Optimization of Plastic Bag for Algae Growth
C.K. Thein, N.M. Razali, M. M. Shamel, S. W. Phang

2CE19-Wastewater Treatment by using Natural Coagulant
Nur Fathinatul Akmal binti Saharudin, Rajesh Nithyanandam

2CE20-Design an Adsorption Unit for Lake Water Treatment from Taylor’s University
Nur Fatinah Abd Aziz, Rajesh Nithyanandam

2CE21-Personalized Learning in Chemical Engineering Process Control
Po Wei Yoong, Douglas Tong Kum Tien

2CE22-Palm Oil Waste as Fuel Source in a DCFC
Sean, M, Doshi, V

2CE23-Removal of Cadmium Ions from Aqueous Solution by Biosorption on Immobilized Microalgae
Siti Azzura Binti Md Lasa, Masniroszaime Binti Md. Zain

2CE24-Antioxidant Potential of Edible Oils in Malaysia
Xiang Yi Tan, Rajesh Nithyanandam

2CE25-Modelling of Pyrolysis in Fluidized Bed Reactor – Eulerian Model
Y.C Yan1, X.Y Lim, W Rashmi1, C.H Lim

2CE26-Preliminary Test of Phytoremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil using Plant Species around Taylor's University
Yehga Nikkil Gogulanathan, Veena Arun Doshi, Salmi Nur Ain Sanusi

2EE1- Computer-Aided Training Module for Power System Analysis and Design
Ahmad Ashraf bin Ahmad, Reynato Andal Gamboa

2EE2- Characterisation and Separation of Brain Wave Signals
Aminath Saadha, K. Suresh Manic1,, K. Pirapaharan, Aravind C.V

2EE3- On-Grid Photovoltaic System for Maximum Demand Reduction at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus
Arasan Bidamally, Reynato Andal Gamboa, Aravind CV

2EE4- Estimation of Global Solar Radiation from Meteorological Parameter in Peninsular Malaysia
Chia Wai Kit Louis, Reynato Andal Gambol

2EE5- Automated Attendance Capture System
Jonathan Chin Eu Tsun, Chew Wei Jen, Florence Choong Chiao Mei

2EE6- Electromagnetic Analysis of a Novel Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Generator
Kamalinni Mohan Raj, Aravind CV R.N.Firdaus

2EE7- Design and Development of Signage Displays
Kai Meng, Liaw, Irda Hassan

2EE8- Design and Development of Colour Sorting Robot
Lim Jie Shen, Irda Hassan

2EE9- Blade Shape Design and Analysis on the Optimal Direction of Impact for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Wei Jie Lou, Aravind CV

2EE10- Design a Suitable Soft Computing Tool for Hopper Type Process
Sarath Ananthasivam, Suresh Manic Kesavan

2EE11- Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Controller Performance on a Hybrid Photovoltaic
Muhammad Abdullah Rosdi, Mohammad Taghi Hajibeigy

2ME1- Raised Access Floor Panel and Pedestal Design Optimization
Afiq Asyraf Bin Mazli, Thein Chung Ket

2ME2- Experimental Investigation of Design Parameters of A Thermo-acoustic Refrigerator
Khawaja Asad Akhtar, Abdulkareem Shafiq Al-Mahdi

2ME3-Numerical Simulation of Stirling Engines for Solar Air Conditioning Unit
Dominic Ang Ding Xiong, Lim Chin Hong

2ME4- Evaluation of The Measurement Accuracy of the Lift of NACA 0012 as a Function of Angle of Attack at Subsonic Speed
Lim Wei Kit, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi

2ME5- Advance Personalized Learning Software based approach
Low Kean Peng, Douglas Tong

2ME6- Sintering Behaviour of Hydroxyapatite-Forsterite Nanocomposite
Michael Loon Chee Yan, Jeffrey Chin Kong Leong

2ME7- Developing an Integrated Approach to Base Pan Finite Element Model Correlation
Mohamad Haris bin Husni @ Rusli, Mohammad Hosseini Fouladi1, Yap Kim Haw

2ME8- Drag Optimization Mechanism for Taylor’s Race Car
Mohammed Mohaymen Khan, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi

2ME9- Vibration Control in Human Powered Vehicle
Muhammad Fadhli bin Ab Wahab, Dr. Hosseini Fouladi, Dr. Satesh Namasivayam

2ME10-Development of tissue engineering skin culture system

2ME11-Investigation of Sintering Time on the Mechanical Properties of Un-doped Y-TZP Ceramics
ChyiShen Wong, S.Sivakumar

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