Journey Beyond

Pause what you are doing now. Come to our campus to experience how play can help you learn from creative workshops, live acts, showcases and various activities as you enjoy the food and reimagine your future after meeting our counsellors, completing our career profiling test and more.

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March 16-17, 2019

Taylor's University, Lakeside Campus

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Our Agenda

7 March 2020, Saturday

Grand Hall

10 am |Door Open

1 pm |Lacing Competition + Shoes Planter w/paint

2 pm |Talklah: Building Your Own Online Sneaker/Streetwear Platform with Bryan Chin, Tunway (Xiao Pi Hai) & Taylor’s + Laser Cut Shoes

3 pm |Music By: Talitha Tan + Ang Pao Bracelet

4 pm |Trading Pit

6 pm |Music By: Midnight Fusic

7 pm |Lucky Draw

8 pm |End

All Day |Nike Air Force 1 Custom Live Demo

All Day |Eatlah: Nachoslah & Yoohoo Hot Dogs

8 March 2020, Sunday

Grand Hall

10 am |Door Open

1 pm |Lacing Competition + Shoes Planter w/paint

2 pm |Talklah: The Rise Of e-Commerce In Sneaker/Streetwear Culture with Shawn Tan, Euan Lam & Taylor’s + Laser Cut Shoes

3 pm |Music By: Airliftz + Ang Pao Bracelet

4 pm |Trading Pit

6 pm |Music By: BATE

7 pm |Lucky Draw

8 pm |End

All Day |Nike Air Force 1 Custom Live Demo

All Day |Eatlah: Nachoslah & Yoohoo Hot Dogs

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Terrarium Making

Make your own terrarium, a decorative, self-sustaining miniature garden grown in glass containers. Taught by Tiny Forest Terrariums founded by Yuna Zarai in 2012 when she was in Los Angeles and brought home to the Malaysian shores in 2014.

Mobile Photography

Learn to master the art of mobile photography from the 26-year-old Street Style Photographer who is well known as TTFGA or ‘Tukang Tangkap Foto Gembira Anda’ on FB, Insta and Tumblr. He will be sharing tips and techniques as well as his personal experience in the industry.

Communal Batik Painting

Create your own batik masterpiece under the guidance of experts who will teach you the traditional fabric dyeing method using wax to create patterns and designs. Pick up the resist technique – applying areas of cloth with wax to prevent colours absorption when cloth is dipped into dye.

Unplugged Concert


They are here to create a riot with festival funk, big band and psychedelic jazz. This eight-piece all-male funk/soul band, currently working on their single, ‘Dancing Shoes’, has performed in South East Asia.
Jazmi Jamaluddin - Alto/Tenor Saxophone
Monk - Trumpet
Kyren Thomas - Vocals
Deo Karmawan - Guitar
Joelle Benson - Keyboards
Izzy Azhar - Bass
Aaron Gideon - Drums

Bil Musa

This singer-songwriter’s music include English and Malay songs with hints of R&B, pop and alternative rock. Her first published song ‘The Beach’ was featured in Malaysian dramas and films as soundtracks.

Midnight Fusic

The young, indie rock band, signed to Sony Music, released chart-topping singles - ‘Heart Of May’ in September 2018 (hit top of HitzFM Met10 Chart) and ‘Lovesick’ in January (half million plays on Spotify).
Raja Arif Aizudin - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Adrian Danial - Lead Guitar
Muaz Rabbani – Drums
Firdaus Azmi - Bass

Food and Beverage

Mom’s Barbeque

Enjoy Texas cuisines – Beef Brisket, Ribs and Whole Smoked Lamb – brought home to Malaysia to be enjoyed by Malaysians on a food truck.

Big Cookie Theory

End your meal with delectable desserts from cookie dough to brownie batter. It’s a good pick-me-up and a fantastic snack when you’re waiting for someone.

Jersey Jack Gelato

Delight in over 40 flavours of true artisan Italian gelato, a hand crafted recipe made from single herd, Jersey cows’ fresh milk renowned for their high quality and creaminess.

Pop Up Stores

Zoo For People

Launched in Summer 2014, this South East Asian label based in KL for men’s accessories such as cufflinks and shirt studs, this brand urbanises classic and traditional wear with an industrial edge.

Goodpair Socks

Made with high quality cotton blends and spandex in the 80:20 ratio, Goodpair Socks better retain its shapes, giving your feet a snug fit at all time.

LAVE Republic

A firm believer in science and sustainable environment, LAVE Republic only uses natural ingredients for its range of soaps and cosmetics.