We continue to be an active and influential participant in the industry. In addition to three decades of experience, we are backed by a faculty with in-depth industry experience. Our board of industry leaders serve as curriculum advisors, form our panel of examiners and also serve as adjunct lecturers, research partners and mentors to our students.

From undergraduate to post-graduate level, students are given access to knowledge-sharing platforms with notable industry specialists and academics. These carefully crafted activities leverage on the strength of our industry affiliations to gain the latest trends. This invaluable perspective gives graduates an edge as they make the transition from university to working life.

Fast Track to Top Employers
TCHT continues to spearhead innovative programmes that place students on a fast-tracked path to employment with the industry’s top employers. These industry alliances offer aspiring students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and provide employers with an avenue to map their long-term recruitment plans and secure rising, future talents.

The programme includes:
Future General Manager Programme (GeM)
This comprehensive management and leadership development programme that grooms aspiring hospitality management students into promising hoteliers of the future. It fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset in our students, to prepare them for senior management positions.

Student Employment Programme (STEP)
Through this avenue, members of the industry gain access to second year students who are taken onboard world’s leading hotels as student-employees and inculcated with the hotel’s business philosophies. This experience provides students with valuable industry insights and training before they graduate.

Empowering Leaders Into Industry For Tourism & Events (ELITE)
Focused on Tourism and Event Management students, this programme connects students and employers via mutually beneficial professional relationships. Students gain an opportunity to develop skills through a comprehensive leadership and management development training experience.


GM Networking Dinner
A neutral forum for industry leaders to discuss trends that are shaping their profession, this event was supported by more than 30 General Managers and Vice-Presidents from various hotels, resorts and convention centres across Malaysia. Such events provide opportunities for frank exchange of ideas among students and professionals on developments in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Learning from Experts
Through workshops, practical demonstrations and talks, students are offered the opportunity to acquire knowledge from various experts across the different disciplines of tourism, hospitality and culinary arts. Students gain access to these accomplished professionals who share their techniques, knowledge and more importantly, inspire our next generation of professionals.
  • Opening Hotels and Restaurants:
    A Project Management Approach
    Jean-Jacques Kiefer
    Group General Manager,
    Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel

  • Managing Memorable Events
    Dr. Glen McCartney
    Assistant Professor
    University of Macau

  • The Hospitality: X Files
    Chris Ehmann
    General Manager
    PJ Hilton

  • Publish or Perish
    Prof. Dr. Dogan Gursoy
    Journal of Hospitality Marketing
    and Management,
    Washington State University

  • Travel and Our Environment
    Deborah Chan
    Program Manager
    Wild Asia Sdn. Bhd.

  • An Insight to French Wine
    Dominique Hebrard
    Owner and Wine Maker,
    Maison Hebrard (Bordeaux - France)
  • Contemporary Issues in Tourism Policy Planning and Development
    Alex Rajakumar
    Commonwealth Tourism
    Centre (Capacity Building)

  • Business Operation and Marketing Strategies of a Food Ingredient Manufacturer
    Wong Si Si
    Business Director,
    Futura Ingredients

  • Cutting it in a Chef ’s World
    Chef Antoine Rodriguez
    Executive Chef,
    Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

  • Coffee Appreciation
    Fergus Lim
    Accounts Manager,
    Kaffa Solutions

  • The World of Event Management
    Mark Lee
    Chief Operating Officer,
    Hot Shoes Event Management