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"The one who really holds power in this nation is, you, the rakyat."

Tunku Abdul Rahman, Bapa Kemerdekaan

Malaysia was built on the principles of democracy that guaranteed the right of all citizens to have a role in shaping government and the rule of law. After 62 years, we made history by including the voice of youth at the decision making table.

In this time of change and new age of independence, we need you - our youth, more than ever. As the next generation of Malaysians, you are the building blocks of our nation.

And your voices matter.

#ichangeMY signifies the empowerment you are given as change makers of our country and we want to give you that platform to share your vision for our beloved Malaysia.

Now is the time to let your voices be heard. Share your thoughts for your Malaysia with #ichangeMY.

your voices matter




Here’s how you can share your stories with us:

1. Write/Snap/Record it

2. Use #ichangeMY with your social media post or share your story in the form below.

3. No step 3 because it is that easy!