Bachelor of Business (Hons) Finance and Economics
"My time in Taylor’s has been spectacular! Taylor’s University offers me a chance to learn beyond the classroom boundary. Taylor’s also stimulates students’ personal growth through the many students development programs and conferences. The lecturers and staff are very friendly and resourceful, too!"
Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Honours)
"The learning experience here in Taylor’s University is different from where I came from. In my opinion, Chinese education had a lot of theory that I needed to memorise; however here in Taylor’s it is more than learning and remembering the theory, I need apply it into practical work. I really enjoy the learning environment and experiences at Taylor’s. I believe Taylor’s University is one of the best universities to study at."
South Korea
Bachelor of Mass Communication (Honours) (Broadcasting)
"Deciding to choose to continue my degree at Taylor's was definitely a choice well made.

Malaysia is a friendly and warm country to stay and study. At Taylor’s University, the staff and lecturers always try to provide students the support they need to study comfortably by having equipped facilities and a pleasant study environment.

I'm in love with Malaysia and Taylor's!"
Bachelor of Business (Hons) Finance and Economics.
"Taylor’s University is a great avenue to develop your academic and personal skills. Academically, the coursework is challenging and with the incorporation of Taylor’s Graduate skills throughout the course, you get to sharpen your soft skills. Furthermore, their blended learning initiatives make studying more relevant in today’s modern world. Taylor’s also encourages students to enhance their leadership and people skills through the Student Development Hub or programs such as Scholars@work, both which have added value to my degree and given me the opportunity to grow."
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
"As an international student, studying overseas can be rather challenging. However, Taylor’s University has given me the opportunity to get acquainted with people from other cultural backgrounds and learn about the local culture as well. This has made me feel welcomed, and the new experiences gained have been very exciting!

Malaysia being a multicultural country is very similar to Mauritius, thus making the adaptation process much easier. Furthermore, the course provided by Taylor’s University meets my career expectation while granting me the luxury of developing myself as a person through various activities. Next year, I shall be transferring to United Kingdom to complete my law degree and I shall humbly carry such knowledge with me. "
BA (hons) Accounting and Finance
"What I like most about Taylor’s is the infrastructure and resources available. The amenities available for students make it a great environment to study. This is a very welcoming especially for international students."
International Business and Marketing (Taylor’s Business School)
"Being a Taylorian for the past year, I have noticed the myriad of opportunities we get as undergraduates. Students are offered interesting scholarship facilities and guided to prestigious firms to work in for their internships. Also, Taylor’s does not lack in exciting Clubs and Societies, which is always an essential part of University life."
(BA Hons) International Business and Marketing.
"My arrival in Taylor’s University has been a very lively one. I have gained many great experiences studying here and many of them challenge me out of my comfort zone. Taylor’s has provided me with more than great schooling but, also an amazing environment. The platforms for personal development and outreach are grand. My overall integration has been more than pleasant.
India/Bangladesh/Pakistan/Sri Lanka
Diploma in Culinary Arts
"Studying at Taylor’s University is really an amazing experience. Meeting people from all around the globe has helped me step out of my comfort zone, feeling more at ease in a foreign land. The hands on learning experience provided by my course has prepared me well and enhanced the level of my confidence."
Diploma in Communication (Public Relations & Marketing) (DICM)
"As an international student representing Taylor’s University, I would really commend its excellent teaching quality as well as its environment. Theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge taught by experienced lecturers allowed me to further my potential in my passion and goals. I believe being surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds brings out the most memorable experiences."
Bachelor of Business Administration
"The reason I chose Taylor’s University is because it is conveniently located and offered a dual degree Honours programme. I enjoy the student lifestyle here as it is work and play under one campus. The Lakeside Campus is modern and well equipped making learning more conducive and fun."
Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons)
"Malaysia is culturally rather similar to Sri Lanka therefore I find it to be quite like a home away from home. I found it relatively easy to settle down here due to the orientation programmes and partly because of the exceptionally beautiful and serene landscape Taylor’s University is situated in. The facilities provided by Taylor’s are outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!"
International Tourism Management (Hons) Event Management
"I have been studying at Taylor’s University for close to two and a half years now and I must say that it has been the most memorable few years of my life. The course I’ve selected has been up to my expectations. The university and its available resources elevated my university experience making it a wonderful place to study and learn. I have made such awesome friends and I know these memories will last for a lifetime. I look forward to the rest of my time here"
Central Asia
Bachelor of Accounting and Finance
"Studying abroad was my dream since I was a child. I found many schools, but Taylor’s University seems to be perfect to me. After 3 years of studying here, I knew that my decision was right. If I could describe my experience in a single sentence, it would be: Taylor’s University - a wonderful and magical place with pleasant environment. The campus is brand new, clean and modern. I’m always learning more about myself and from others. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in Taylor’s University and I'm looking forward to the next part of my journey."
Master in Communication
"At Taylor’s University, it doesn’t feel like an institute, it feels like a large mansion that welcomes and holds more than 10,000 students from different backgrounds, cultures and demographics from around the world. At Taylor’s, I always feel like I’m home, surrounded by loving people, caring staff and the best education I could ask for. Students here are encouraged to indulge in activities that will foster new relationships and passion. I have had opportunities to write for the school newspaper, create our own little campus movie, dance for the school’s traditional clubs and societies, and made many new friends."
Asean (besides Indonesia)
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
"I particularly enjoy studying at Taylor’s University and getting involved in multi-cultural events. The biggest highlight of my student life at Taylor’s University is to be part of student organizations which allowed me to venture out of my comfort zone and made many new friends."
Bachelors of Business Administration
"Studying at Taylors University has been the most exciting experience of my life. The university programme syllabus prepares me for the real world and this is a great learning experience. The university’s programmes meets with my career prospects and future plans, thus giving me an edge. Besides that, the Taylor’s also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs and societies which has opened up doors to meeting people from all over the world."
Middle East
Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
"Life at Taylor’s, hands down has been the most inspiring phase of my life. Not only in terms of academics, but in regards to my social circle. Being a part of the International Student Council has opened up more opportunities for me to learn and make more connections, and the experience gained is a stepping stone for success into the working world. Pursuing my dream in engineering is one thing, but to do it at Taylor’s University is really realising the dream!"
Bachelors of Culinary Arts and Food Service Management
"Studying at Taylor’s University has been an enriching experience. The lecturers are friendly, highly knowledgeable in their respective fields and are more than willing to share their vast experience and groom us to the best of our abilities. The facilities are of industry standard, giving us a feel of the real world before we even step out of the University."
Exchange Students
Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)
"Taylor’s University is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures. It’s like studying together as a family, helping and supporting one another. Even though there are many races in Malaysia who speaks their own languages and dialects, English language is largely spoken making communication rather easy. Besides studying, travelling around Malaysia is really exciting too, making it a very interesting balance in my student life."

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Honours) (Broadcasting)
"When I arrived at Taylor’s University, I was very impressed with the modern facilities. It is really a very beautiful campus with a warm atmosphere. What I like most about Taylor’s is that there are always events and activities organised by students from various Clubs & Societies. The campus is always alive and friendly! "

Master in International Hospitality Management
"I wanted to pursue my Master’s Degree in South-East Asia and chose Taylor’s University since it is well known for the quality of its lectures. The teaching methods are very practical as they encourage me to think for myself and gave me the opportunity to put the knowledge I have learnt into practice. I particularly like the idea of having practical oriented courses and seminars given by professionals from the business world."
Master in International Hospitality Management
"I have never been to Asia before and Malaysia was my first destination. It’s the best decision ever made as Taylor's University is a great campus; beautifully designed and well equipped. Lecturers are always readily available to guide and assist students. It is a lovely place to study and to meet people from all over the world."