Grooming Successful Legal Professionals
TLS prepares students to hit the ground running the moment they graduate, by exposing them to simulated real-world experiences and real-world practice whenever possible.

Throughout their educational journey, students participate in various activities and events designed to prepare them for professional practice.

Mooting and Debating
Moots and debates are essential exercises that students are required to participate in during the course of their study at Taylor’s Law School.

The law colloquiums not only raise awareness on current issues but also enable students to address social, economic, cultural, civil and political issues affecting our society at large. These colloquiums provide a platform for students to research, present, and debate these issues.

Networking With Industry
The School regularly organises networking events with industry members. These events provide a platform for students to meet and engage with some of the country’s legal giants.

Lecture Series
The Lecture Series is open to both students and staff, and touches upon specialised areas of law not usually covered during classroom study.

Field Trips
Students regularly participate in visits to the courts, Attorney General’s chambers, prisons and the Parliament, to gain exposure to law in action and to help them gain a deeper insight into the legal practice.