Seamless Integration of Theory and Practice
In order to ensure a truly well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience, we immerse our students in hands-on learning which extends beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom.

These experiential learning platforms broaden our students’ horizons, cultivate their ability to work collaboratively in teams, and encourage their leadership potential, while reinforcing medical knowledge and skills.

In order to set-up successful platforms for experiential learning, our academic team works closely with the students, and partners with industry and community members. These synergistic partnerships provide integrated learning opportunities that augment learning, integrate theory with practice, and promote professional development which goes beyond that of obtaining a MBBS degree.
Expert Platforms
Visiting experts from universities and hospitals share their knowledge of the latest treatment and technology through lectures and public forums.
Early Hospital Exposure
Pre-clinical medical students are given the opportunity to visit tertiary-care hospitals and other health facilities to understand the patients and healthcare delivery systems.
Social Events
The Taylor's University Medical School Night is organised by students and lecturers annually, as an avenue to get better acquainted with each other in an informal setting, and teach students about managing events.
Public Events & Campaigns
Students are taught to conduct campaigns on health related issues, such as smoking. This reinforces their understanding of the subject and exposes them to organising public events and campaigns.