Andrew Matthews shares the recipe to happiness at Taylor's University

Taylor’s University Student Development Hub, in collaboration with MPH, recently invited international speaker and bestselling author, Andrew Matthews, to share on his recipe to find happiness to a group of Taylor’s students and staff. The free talk attracted more than 100 participants who enjoyed the 1-hour talk where Matthews not only spoke to the audience but also drew some of his famous cartoons to illustrate his points.

“We often forget that while pain is inevitable, misery is actually a choice. Therefore, why choose to be miserable when one can choose to be happy? However, if someone enjoys being miserable, I will ask him to go for it if it makes him happy,” said Matthews, which drawn peals of laughter from the crowd.

Addressing both the students and the staff, Matthews highlighted on how problems can be something that makes a person better after overcoming them. He stressed, “Miserable people will avoid problems while average people will accept them. But the extraordinary people are the ones who will embrace problems as they believe without these problems, they will not be who they are today.”

He also shared on the importance of breaking big problems into smaller parts so that one can manage them one step at a time. Famous for his books such as ‘Follow Your Heart’, ‘Happiness in a Nutshell’ and ‘Stop the Bullying’, Matthews encouraged the audience to actively participate in making life a wonderful journey.

“The person doing a bungee jump is generally happier than the person who watches the jump from the ground. In a nutshell, no one is happy just watching other people live their lives. The joy in life is in participating in it.”

Matthews also stayed on to sign his autographs on all his books purchased after his talk.