“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” - New Colombo Plan Scholars from UQ and QUT Meet Up at Taylor’s University in Malaysia

Taylor’s University connected Australian Government New Colombo Plan  students from two different universities in Queensland together at the Lakeside Campus to compare their study experiences in Malaysia.

(L-R) Matt Page a NCP scholar from QUT, meets with UQ short-term mobility funded UQ students and Prof Perry Hobson (PVC-GE) at TU
The Australian Federal Government has funded a range of New Colombo Plan (NCP) initiatives for both long and short-term mobility to encourage Australians to study in the Asia-Pacific area. Taylor’s University (TU) has so far received two-fully sponsored students through our relationship with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). First, was Fiona Bergstrom who was funded to study Primary Education for one semester at TU in 2016. She then completed a short internship at the Australian International School in Malaysia (AISM) before heading to India. Second, was Matthew Page who also came from QUT for a year, to study communications. He will also be staying on in Malaysia to complete an internship arranged through the Australia Malaysia Business Council. Meanwhile, TU started working on a short-term mobility project for hospitality students within the University of Queensland (UQ) Business School. Prof Perry Hobson along with colleagues in the School of Hospitality and Tourism and Culinary Arts and Global Mobility, started working in collaboration with Dr Richard Robinson and his colleagues at UQ. The idea was to offer an intensive short-course focusing on Malaysian food and cuisine. On the strength of the project concept, it was funded by the Australian Federal government and received 3-years of NCP funding. The first group of UQ hospitality students came in mid-2017 to undertake a 2-week course focusing on Malaysian “Culture, Cuisine and Gastronomy”. Dr Richard Robinson said that, “The intensive program involves learning about Malaysia’s cultural heritage and how that reflects in their cuisine and gastronomy” adding that the “This immersion programme, was designed to provide tactile and deep learning experiences, and has transformed the students’ critical understanding of the role of food in all aspects of culture, hospitality and tourism”. The students not only learnt about preparing Malaysian cuisine ay TU with specialist chef-Lecturers in the world-class training facilities at the Lakeside campus, but they also went beyond the campus and stayed at an agri-tourism homestay in Kuala Selangor. While staying in the village they participated in traditional local practices like rice planting, they also visited a palm oil, rubber, coconut and tapioca plantations as well as experienced buying produce at traditional farmers markets and preparing local delicacies. While at the Taylor’s Lakeside campus, Prof Perry Hobson was also able to arrange for the short-term mobility group from UQ to get together with Matthew Page from QUT and to share their very different NCP experiences of being in Malaysia. “It was great to be able to connect these different NCP funded recipients, especially when they are from the same state, and city in Australia” said Prof Perry Hobson, adding that, “It also underlined the many links we have with Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’, particularly given the recent visit of the Governor of Queensland to Taylor’s University earlier in the year”. TU is widening its Australian engagement, as the next NCP Scholar, Georgina Holt, is coming from The University of Newcastle in New South Wales (NSW) to the Lakeside Campus for second semester 2017. To find out more about the Global Mobility Opportunities at Taylor’s University click here - (Global Matters 2017)