“Connect, Nurture, Grow” Taylor’s Business School Welcomes Primax Foundation Study-Tour from India

The Primax Foundation brought a group of leading Indian educators to Malaysia, and visited Taylor’s University to hold a faculty development workshop focusing on the use of technology in delivering education.

Primax Foundation Study Tour participants during Dr Jason Turner’s discussion session at the TU campus 

The Taylor’s Business School was recently pleased to welcome a faculty development study-tour group organised by the Primax Foundation in India. The Foundation is a social change organisation working in the field of education. The Foundation aims to train and educate future leaders, believing that it is these leaders who can contribute to make a difference to their universities and to the world around them. Professor T. Rajeswari, the President of the Primax Foundation, identified that they have a three-pronged approach – “to connect proactively with the worlds of practice and policy, with academic work nationally and globally, as well as with alumni and with the local community. To nurture a high-performance work environment, by emphasising and supporting a climate of autonomy and team work. Finally, to grow, but to help organisations to do so in a thoughtful and strategic manner, aiming to have an impact commensurate with ambitions, and ensuring that they maintain and upgrade the quality of people and their experiences”. The Primax Foundation also offers a range of Faculty Development workshops which seek to better connect educators, students and industry while recognising the all-pervasive use of technology. Their study-tour to Malaysia brought some 40+ academics from a number of different institutions across India, and their schedule included several interactive sessions led by the Taylor’s Business School (TBS). Dr Jason Turner, the Head of Department for postgraduate courses, focused on our approach to delivering entrepreneurial education. While Associate Professor Jayaraman Krishnaswamy spoke about approaches taken by TBS and student learning. Finally, Mr Nigel Gibbs discussed how TBS connects and engages with industry. Dr Jason Turner said that, “It was a pleasure having such an interesting and diverse group of Indian educators with us, and to discuss the many challenges that are facing educators as we seek to deliver relevant content in an engaging way while using technology”. The visit concluded with a tour of the Lakeside Campus and in particular the modern X-Space and E-Quarium student learning spaces at the university. To find out more about the Taylor’s Business School click here – (Global Matters 2017)