Creating A Winning Curriculum For Future Pharmacists

Taylor’s University introduces new homegrown Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) degree

A progressive and modern university, Taylor’s University strives to continuously deliver courses that are relevant to the needs of the Malaysian community. Taylor’s progress over the years has seen the introduction of a number of courses through its growing number of schools, including its very own Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons).

The pharmacy programme at Taylor’s University was first started in partnership with Cardiff University, more specifically the Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, one of the top schools of pharmacy in the United Kingdom. Two programmes that were initially offered are - (i) a 2+2 MPharm programme leading to a degree from Cardiff University (ii) a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) degree leading to a degree from Taylor’s University. Throughout the duration of the partnership, the academic staff and the students at the School of Pharmacy benefitted from their counterparts at Cardiff, who have a strong tradition of innovative pharmaceutical education, scientific research and service to the pharmacy profession. With effect from March 2014, Taylor’s University will no longer offer the 2+2 MPharm programme of Cardiff University.

The knowledge transfer through working together with Cardiff University and the academic staff of a leading school of pharmacy in the United Kingdom has allowed Taylor’s University School of Pharmacy to develop a firm foundation to offer its own degree. Input from Malaysian experts in academia, leaders of the pharmaceutical industry and the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia has allowed Taylor’s University to develop a new Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) curriculum that is both contemporary as well as forward-looking. This initiative in the curriculum is boosted with the appointment of a new Dean, Professor P. T. Thomas.

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) that is offered by Taylor’s School of Pharmacy will feature modules that revolve around the pharmaceutical field that are relevant globally and also modules that relate specifically to Malaysian practice, laws and regulations.

In addition to developing a curriculum that is relevant to the Malaysian community, the curriculum will also emphasise the need for patient-related and industry skills. The unique hands-on learning approach taken by the School of Pharmacy aims to give future pharmacists the best practical experience — from almost their very first day in the degree programme.

Students will be exposed to the full scope of patient care, from hospital care to community pharmacy, and everything in between. They will also have an industrial attachment with the pharmaceutical industry.

The School of Pharmacy will also continue to reach out to industry partners, the Ministry of Health Malaysia and other stakeholders for their input about the curriculum as well as invite them to share their knowledge as adjunct and visiting faculty.

Like other programmes at Taylor’s University, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) will also be exposed to Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities (TGC), an initiative that stemmed from a quest to ensure Taylor’s graduates possess the necessary skills and capabilities required in the global economic landscape. Via this framework, Taylor’s is committed to ensuring the holistic development of our graduates by embedding lifelong-life skills knowledge in each and every student.

Taylor’s also prides itself in the delivery of holistic education that results not just in excellent academic accomplishments, but also in graduates who possess qualities that are highly sought after in the global marketplace. By preparing our graduates to be professionally competent and job-ready, Taylor’s graduates possess an added edge to succeed in their careers. This is also evident in the high employability rate of our graduates, with many securing jobs even before they have completed their final examinations.