Diverse-City 2014

Taylor’s Center for Languages organizes various international language activities annually to compliment the different international languages offered as electives at Taylor’s University. After the success of the ‘International Language Day’ in 2013, TCL has once again successfully held another international language event this year called ‘Diverse-City’.

Diverse-City was a collaboration between Taylor’s Centre for Languages and AIESEC. The event was held 17th October and functioned as a “Global Village” initiative by having “nine countries” which were China, Taiwan, Romania, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Spain, France and Turkey in one place at the same.

The event was the first of its kind at Taylor’s to use the ‘Passport System’ where participants are given a ‘passport’ upon registration and would be given stamps for every booth visit after carrying out specific cultural activities. We also had photo booth with Cosplay models from the Anime Society. The event showcased 9 models wearing costumes representing the 9 countries, exciting performances from the Amoura Band, K-Gen, Taylor’s Symphonic Orchestra as well as solo and group Chinese and French singing performances from talented students.

List of interactive activities:
  • Calligraphy writing (China)
  • Chinese yoyo and Chinese chess (Taiwan)
  • Sushi making, origami and calligraphy demonstration (Japan)
  • Traditional games (Korea)
  • Lotus flower origami (Vietnam)
  • Board game (Turkey)
  • Puzzle game (Romania)
  • Quizzes (Spain and France)
  • Food-sampling and small gifts were also given out to participants at the booths.
For more pictures, kindly visit our gallery section.