“Don’t Fake It” Insights from An Editor Given by Taylor’s Professor During Workshop at the Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium in Italy

“Don’t Fake It” Insights from An Editor Given by Taylor’s Professor During Workshop at the Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium in Italy
A journal editor’s guide on how to be more successful in publishing was the focus his workshop at the ‘Decade of Research in Consumer Behavior in Tourism’ symposium.

Prof Perry Hobson, Editor of JVM at CBTS 2017 at the University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy

Professor Perry Hobson, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement at Taylor’s University was once again invited to speak at this year’s Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium (CBTS) in Italy. The focus of the tenth CBTS 2017 was on “Mindfulness, Well-being and Happiness in Tourism Research: From Definitions to Measurements”. The conference was organised by the Competence Centre in Tourism Management and Tourism Economics (TOMTE) at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (UniBZ) at their Bruneck-Brunico campus in the alpine region of South Tyrol. Keynote speakers included Professor Musso Uysal (University of Massachusetts, USA) who spoke on “Quality of Life Research on Tourism: Past, Present and Emerging Issues”, and also Professor Chris Cooper (Oxford Brookes University, UK) who focused on “Places for Pleasure: Past, Present and Future”.

In his role as Editor-in-Chief of the SSCI indexed Journal of Vacation Marketing, Prof Hobson was invited to run a workshop on How to Publish - A Journal Editor’s Guide” and to also Chair the Closing Plenary “Panel of Editors” sessionDuring the workshop, he not only focused on the specific issues and challenges facing academics as they look to publish their academic work in a journal, but also tackled some of the bigger issues and more troubling issues facing academe today. As he noted, “issues of fake research are now looming large in the minds of editors, with revelations that scientists have published papers based on created data. He pointed to the findings of a Professor Byrne, a cancer specialist at the University of Sydney, who identified a total of 48 papers published in scientific journals sharing uncanny similarities, flaws and mismatched data all by independent researchers in China” adding that, “Professor Byrne highlighted that the damage done by research fraud cannot be understated, and that the public, governments and funding bodies need to trust what we do. It is much to her credit to have been named by Nature as one of the 10 people who mattered in science this year for“.

As a member of the Board of TOMTE, Prof Perry has regularly contributed to previous CBTS events over the last decade, such as CBTS 2015 which was held in Munich (Germany) where he spoke as part of a ‘Panel of Editors’ session, and also led the CBTS 2015 PhD Student Forum. UniBZ is an exchange partner of Taylor’s University, and both institutions are also members of the International Centre of Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism Education (THE-ICE) accreditation body - (Global Matters 2018)