Expanding Our German Exchange Partners: Munich University of Applied Sciences Visits Taylor’s University

Expanding Our German Exchange Partners: Munich University of Applied Sciences Visits Taylor’s University
Increased flexibility of the study curriculum at Taylor’s University will see many more students being able to take advantage of our expanding exchange network in Europe.

(L-R) Dr Brian Trenaman (DAAD), Prof Felix Kolbeck (Dean, MUAS), Prof Perry Hobson (PVC-GE), Dr Marion Rauscher (MUAS)

The number of semester exchange opportunities continue to grow as Taylor’s expands its global network of partner universities. Professor Perry Hobson, the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement (PVC-GE) had initially visited the Department of Tourism at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) in Germany in 2017. Following on from that visit, Professor Kolbeck (the Dean of the Department of Tourism), and Dr Marion Rauscher (the Deputy Dean), made a reciprocal visit to Taylor’s University (TU). Professor Kolbeck said that, “although this is my first visit to Malaysia, I must say that we have been impressed with the facilities and the learning environment at the Lakeside campus”. TU already has an extensive number of exchange partners in Germany, but as we are keen to further expand our network particularly in hospitality and tourism.

Dr Brian Trenaman, the Country Director of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), was also invited to visit the Lakeside campus to meet-up with MUAS and to discuss other opportunities. “While we already have some semester exchanges places for hospitality and tourism in Germany with institutions such as Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, we are looking to being able to expand the flow of students once we have additional places at MUAS” said Professor Perry Hobson, adding that, “we pleased that every semester we get so many German students coming to study with us, as it adds diversity to the academic life on the Lakeside campus. We are looking forward to further broadening our range of engagements with German institutions. Their Department of Tourism is the largest faculty of its kind in Germany, and we believe that this will be a great exchange opportunity for Taylor’s students”.

Recent German exchange students to TU have written about their experiences at Taylor’s University and why Malaysians should think about studying in Germany. The relationships TU has with German institutions goes beyond semester exchange, and Taylor’s has also hosted Summer School groups from DBHW, who have come to Malaysia to look at the different ways German companies can expand overseas.  Taylor’s students have already undertaken short-term mobility trips to Germany in international business and to ‘uber-cool’ Berlin for design.

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