Forum on Disruptive Innovation and Competition Law

Date: 17th November 2017
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: LT 22 , Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus

Disruptive Innovation is a difficult thing to spot at the moment it is occurring. It can affect the transportation industry, hotel industry, education industry, legal profession and many others. When it occurs, the existing business tend to challenge the operations of the ‘new’ innovations. The traditional market players perceive the operation of the ‘new’ innovations as not complying with local laws and regulations and thus competiting on an unfair footing. Whereas the proponent of disruptive innovation believes that the ‘new’ innovations offers tremendous potential benefits for the economy. This raise a question whether Malaysia Competition Commission should pay a role in this regard. The forum seeks to facilitate a discussion on matters relating to Disruptive Innovation and Competition Law. 

Topics to be covered:
Concept of Disruptive Innovation
Instances of Disruptive Innovation in Malaysia
Approaches on Disruptive Innovation by other countries
Role of Malaysia Competition Commission in this regard

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