‘Guess the Fuel Challenge’ Campaign wins the BMW Speak Green! Competition

Working together with Taylor’s University School of Communication, BMW Group Malaysia inspired young minds, communication students with its BMW Speak Green! Campaign which had students compete in a Communications Plan competition. ‘Guess the Fuel Challenge’, an effective and realistic communications campaign to promote the philosophies of sustainability in the vein of the BMW Group’s Efficient Dynamics strategy has emerged the winner of the BMW Speak Green! Competition held at the Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus on March 28, 2013.

The campaign developed by Justin Yeo Seng Seong, Wong Jia Shawn, Teo Ee Shang and Hue Jia Wei from Taylor’s University School of Communications was devised to create awareness on the importance of an energy efficient lifestyle through the social media platform. The creative programme enabled its users to follow and monitor via live stream the travel routes according to location, time and speed where they are also able to record the average fuel consumption and CO2 emissions utilised.

Mr. Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications of BMW Group Malaysia said, “The BMW Speak Green! Campaign is designed to raise awareness on the importance of sustainability and leading an energy efficient lifestyle amongst university students through its photo contests and Communications Plan competition. The submissions received from Taylor’s University exceeded our expectation as the students have utilised the latest media channels to their utmost potential with very authentic intentions.”

Mr. Sashi Ambi added that the BMW Speak Green! Campaign will be touring other local universities and colleges throughout the year to inspire students to take charge and be responsible for environmental concerns specifically in relation to mobility.

“By constantly working with top employers such as BMW Group Malaysia, we embed real world learning pedagogies and enhance students’ knowledge and skills through a blended learning approach. Through participation in such a campaign, students gained exposure to real world issues and learned to conceptualise solutions which develops their skills as a future communications expert,” enthused Balaguru Ambalavanan, Deputy Dean, Taylor’s University School of Communication.

First runner up placing went to Taylor’s University communication students, Beatrice Tan Su Mei, Edwin Chen Wai Lam, Choy Yew Choon and Magdalene Ho Oon Mei for their campaign, ‘Diesel – the misconception/ Go Further with Less Cost’ whilst Suresh Raj, Wong Kuan Qai, Kingston Lo, Megat Muhammad Nazrin and Adem Khaled took home third placing with their ‘Changing Mindsets: Power, Comes With Great Responsibility’ campaign.

In the photo contest, Syed Farouk Alshabab with his composition “Maximum Efficiency, Maximum Potential”; Mohamad Reza’s thoughts on “There’s no prize for compromise” and the duo of Lucas Yap Shau Wei and Aaron Wong Ngit Jun for “Green is mean! And it is clean! Part tree, part car, but it goes just as far!” walked home as proud winners.

All the winners of the BMW Speak Green! Photo and Communications Plan competition received Limited Edition BMW Lifestyle Merchandises.