Law Students Make Waves At The Prestigious International Moot Competition

Taylor’s Law School students who are currently pursuing their final year at the University of Reading, Lena Chua Chun Yen, James Benedict Yap Chun Huat, Jonathan Yong Tienxhi and Isabell Zubinsha Iskandar Zakaria were awarded first runner-up at the nationals of the prestigious Telders International Law Moot Court Competition in United Kingdom recently. Emerging first and second runner-up was University College London and Gray’s Inn.

The moot competition which took place on March 2, 2013 at the Gray’s Inn involved over 50 universities internationally. All participating teams were presented with a case relating to territorial acquisition and environmental law, involving a fictitious dispute between two states. The students who were among top scorers at Taylor’s Law School and experienced mooters, who have competed at several moot competitions, confidently opted for the moot module focused on international law at the University of Reading, United Kingdom.

“My studying years at Taylor’s Law School exposed me to the idea of mooting from my first year in the law degree programme and after getting a taste of mooting, I wanted more. I had the opportunity to train under dedicated lecturers and test the waters before being able to take the plunge here for the Telders International Law Moot Court Competition,” shared Isabell Zubinsha.

She further added that Lai Mun Onn, a dedicated Taylor’s Law School coach and lecturer, who not only believed in their capabilities but was convinced that they were good enough to improve and learn from their experiences at Taylor’s Law School and put to practice the valuable lessons learned. Lai Mun Onn taught them an important lesson that law involves as much creativity as it does in studying from the books; without developing their creative skills and thinking outside the box, they limit themselves.

Having an innate desire to improve and challenge themselves in this arena, the groundwork for the moot competition was intense as the team had to research an area of law that they had never learnt before. Their co-coaches critically questioned every issue of law or research the team brought to the table in preparation of a 45 page memorial and moot presentation. Through several practices, the co-coaches questioned the team from different angles until they were able to present the case and their partner’s case with no flaws. It was a challenge when they competed against the winning team, nevertheless they gave their best till the very end.

Mooting has always been a critical component in the legal education provided by Taylor’s Law School as it provides the fundamental skills required to be a successful lawyer. Making mooting compulsory for its students and preparing them for moot competitions, Taylor’s Law School believes in training its students through a systematic process in developing skills such as problem solving, legal analysis, drafting legal documents and enhancing their public speaking.

The rich educational learning experience provided by Taylor’s Law School, prepares its students to battle under extreme pressure, juggling between facts and the law where the best traditions of the Bar and Bench are simulated to cast in stone for their role as high caliber legal practioners in the globalised world.