Lord Willetts Launches His Book “A University Education” at Taylor’s University

Lord Willetts Launches His Book “A University Education” at Taylor’s University
The UK’s former Minister for Universities and Science visited the Lakeside campus for the launch of his book in Malaysia.
(L-R) Prof Perry Hobson (PVC-GE) with Lord David Willets during his book signing at Taylor’s University
Professor Perry Hobson, the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement, was pleased to welcome Lord Willetts, the UK’s former Minister of State for Universities and Science (2010-14), to Taylor’s University for the launch of his book ‘A University Education’. The event “A morning with Lord David Willetts” was organised by Oxford International AQA Examinations, and the Teaching and Educational Development (TED) at Taylor’s University. Lord Willetts was introduced by Mr Paul Rennie, the British Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia, who commented that, “during my time in the civil service I had the pleasure of working with Lord Willetts on government missions to countries such as India. While he has now formally retired from politics, he continues to serve as a member of the House of Lords, and is also a Visiting Professor at Kings College London”. 

Professor Hobson commented that, “during his time as Minister, he was commonly known as ‘Two Brains’ - which was reference to his insightful analysis and deep-thinking when it came to developing government policy”. During the morning session, Lord Willetts outlined his thinking behind the writing of his book. He pointed out that in his book he presents a compelling case for the ongoing importance of the university, both as one of the important institutions in modern society and as a transformational experience for the individual. Drawing on his experience as UK Minister for Universities and Science, he offered several insights as to the value of higher education and argued the case for its further expansion and internationalisation.

Finally, he addressed some of the big questions for the future, such as the relationship between universities and business, especially in promoting innovation. He made the point that the two great contemporary trends of globalisation and technological innovation, will change the university significantly. The book is published by the Oxford University Press, who also supported its launch and the signing ceremony - (Global Matters 2018)