An Opportunity to Explore the City of Cologne

Further strengthening its partnership linkage and opening up a new horizon of collaboration, Taylor’s University signed a strategic partnership with Cologne Business School in Cologne, Germany.

Ms. Sandy Tan, Head, Career Services and Global Mobility, Student Experience at Taylor’s University is delighted with the partnership as it offers more excitement to the students’ experience at the university. “At Taylor’s University, we understand the importance of global mobility as it helps our students in explorations in terms of education, culture, languages and many more. It also helps us to enhance the students’ experience to develop world-ready graduates.” “We are proud and delighted to collaborate with Cologne Business School and it is a great start towards introducing the rich heritage of Germany to our local students,” added Ms. Tan.

Prof. Dr. Guido Sommer, Dean, Tourism Management of Cologne Business School also commented that the school appreciates such opportunities to work with Taylor’s University. “Taylor’s University is the first Malaysian university that we are collaborating with and we are excited to see how we can work together in the future through this partnership.”

“Cologne is a small but vibrant city and we welcome all students and academics at Taylor’s University to visit us anytime,” said Prof. Dr. Sommer in his speech.

The agreement was signed between Ms. Sandy Tan and Prof. Dr. Guido Sommer and was witnessed by Dr. Frederic Buchon, Deputy Dean of Taylor’s University School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (TCHT) and Prof. Dr. Dirk Reiser, Professor, Sustainable Tourism Management of Cologne Business School at a simple ceremony held at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, witnessed by some 23 tourism students from the Cologne Business School who was on a tour in Malaysia.

Cologne Business School, founded in 1993, is one of the first universities which offered Bachelor of Arts degree courses in Germany. The university is privately-run and state recognised in Cologne, a lively metropolis in the heart of Europe. It also has a long list of international partners, spanning from Europe to Asia.