Peruvian Artworks take Center Stage at The Design School at Taylor's University

Design students gathered excitedly at the Centre of Design and Architecture (CODA) gallery of the Design School at Taylor’s University (TDS) to witness the opening of ‘Drawing Through’, an exhibition of artworks by Peruvian artists. The drawings, seen to be a means of human expression in a contemporary world, was exhibited in the form of digitally-printed illustrations.

The exhibition contributes to the dissemination of the possibilities of expression, communication, reflection and creation in drawing. Its aim is to portray the diversity of personal and collective universes, rationality, emotions, states of consciousness and various records that people inhabit.

“To be able to express yourself is a very important part of being a designer,” said Mr. Ken Tan, Deputy Dean of TDS. Explaining to the group that the character and uniqueness of an artist can be seen through his or her work, he encouraged them to “widen the vocabulary of their visual understanding” emphasizing that in art, “there is not just one way”.

‘Drawing Through’ started in the year 2012 and saw the participation of the following 34 artists: Andrea Ramos, Andres Vargas, Ana Cecilia Carrasco, Analí Gabriela Ramos, Bertha Esteban, Cesar Fernandez, Daniel Vargas, Elida Gomez, Elsa Valenzuela, Enrique Barreto, Flower Calero, Gonzalo Altamirano, Isabel Quinteros, Ivan Huerto, Ivonne Summer, Jhony Mackerel, Jim Marcelo, Jose Luis Yañac, Julia Salinas, Luis Castellanos, Luis Alberto Espinoza, Lucy Angulo, Luz Letts, Mariella Kampoy, Miguel Samamé, Miguel Miranda, Patricia Lemon, Renata Diaz, Rhony Alhalel, Samuel Pintos, Tania Bedriñana, Victor Navarro, Walter Carbonel and Yolanda Velasquez.

The project was organized by AENBA – the Graduate Alumni Association and the National School of Fine Arts of Peru. It has been presented in Lima and will soon be exhibited in cities in Bolivia, as well as Peru. The artworks will be on display at the CoDA Gallery from 8th - 19th July.