SABD Students Impress Many at International Conference

Three degree students from Taylor’s University School of Architecture, Building and Design (SABD) have made themselves and the university very proud as they presented their research papers at the 7th International Conference on Planning and Design (ICPD), held at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKUO) in Tainan,Taiwan

Joining a group of presenters who are Masters and PhD students, and even practicing architects from Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Slovakia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Italy and other countries, the final year Bachelor in Science (Hons) (Architecture) students Gavin Wu Jia-Chung, Stacey Goh Ying Ying and Mah Jun Yi were clearly the youngest presenters, yet their presentations were as good as the rest who were more senior compared to them. Bringing their research papers, which were extensions from their works in the elective module, Technology in Architecture, the students were also sole representatives from a private university in Malaysia.

Gavin, who presented his paper, entitled Architecture Form Design for Tsunami-Prone Regions feels there are rooms for improvement both in his research paper and in his presentation skills. “Because the paper was just an extension from our previous semester’s work, it was purely based on case studies and suggestions. If given the time, facilities and fund, the paper can be more extensive where we can do experiments to strengthen our findings.”

“I got a lot of questions from the floor after my presentation, which was a good sign that the audiences were paying attention to my presentation. Overall, it was a great learning experience for all of us and I must thank our lecturers, Mr. Bruce Lee and Mr. Angus Lee for their guidance and supports throughout the entire process,” said Gavin.

Gavin’s classmate Jun Yi agreed that the outing was a good exposure. “The conference has definitely provided us with opportunities to build connections with well known architects and has given us early exposure to research collaborations.”

“As rookies at a conference, we were all quite nervous at the beginning, but it turned out that we just did the presentations just like how we present in our usual class and our lecturer, Mr. Angus who was there with us was very happy with our performances,” added Jun Yi, who presented Sustainable Post-Disaster Temporary Housing Design.

Also presented her paper was Stacey, who has gained a lot of confidence after the Taiwan outing. “Being the youngest of the pack, we thought we were going to be very lousy presenters but I think we did our presentations with pride and have gained so much of confidence in doing so. It was a great experience and I must thank SABD for the opportunity to witness the international standards at the conference.”

“I think it is essential for us as architecture students to go out to international conferences like this as there are so much more to learn outside Malaysia and the ICPD was certainly an eye-opening experience. I am glad that it has given me a good exposure and advantage over my other classmates,” said Stacey, who presented her paper entitled Modular Parametric Architecture: A Design Case Study.

The ICPD is a biennial international forum designed for the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date research in industrial design, creative industry design, architecture and urban planning.