Taylor's University Cements Partnership with RTM

In a bid to further drive the mission of partnering with public entities, Taylor’s University recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

Taylor’s University Vice Chancellor & President, Professor Dato' Dr Hassan Said shared that this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the oldest broadcasting organisation in the country is the ideal vehicle to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between both parties.

“By signing this five-year MoU with RTM, we are able to tap into their 68 years of knowledge in the field and share that insight with our students. This aim is in line with our aim of providing the best education to our students,” said Professor Dato’ Dr Hassan Said.

The MoU will allow Taylor’s University and RTM to engage in joint research collaboration, reciprocal cooperative and work-integrated education and special short-term programs and visits.

It is envisaged that through this collaborative effort, RTM would be able to engage more audiences by disseminating government policies and development programmes particularly concerning the National Education Blueprint which the Government aspires of better preparing Malaysia’s children for the needs of the 21st century.

RTM also hoped to establish its focal groups with students of Taylor’s University to get feedbacks on RTM’s programmes. The move would enable RTM to produce programmes that could meet the increasing aspirations and ‘taste’ of the younger generations.

The MoU which is effective March 2014 will also see both Taylor's University and RTM involved in research initiatives as well as activities that revolve around work-integrated education.

Professor Dato' Dr Hassan Said shared that this initiative was realized as both Taylor's University and RTM want to empower the next generation with skills that will aid them in the future.

“We want to graduate students who will be an asset to their future employer and this partnership with RTM is a progressive step towards that aim,” he shared, adding that synergistic partnerships like this will allow for Taylor's University graduates to shine above the rest as they are able to meet the industry needs.