Taylor’s University Professor Co-ordinates Tertiary Leaders Track Session at EduTECH Philippines

Professor Perry Hobson was invited to lead the Tertiary Leaders Track session at the second EduTech conference to be held in Manila’s SMX convention centre.

(L-R) Shielilo Amihan, Ruth Agor, Arnel Rodelas, Rosemaliza Mohd Kamalludeen and Prof Perry Hobson at EduTECH Manila
Professor Perry Hobson, the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement, was invited to be the Session Chair for the Tertiary Leaders Track at the 2nd EduTECH Philippines Exhibition and Conference to be held in Manila. He had previously been a session Chair at EduTECH Philippines, and also invited to be the co-ordinator of the Tertiary Leaders Track at EduTECH Asia in Singapore.

Technology is shaping education in many ways, and Taylor’s University is on the fore-front of looking at what the global and local implications might be. This year’s Tertiary Leaders track offered the 3,000 registered participants a series of interactive panels followed by roundtable sessions on topics such as “Does the growth of online learning reduce the burden on finding teaching talent?” as well as ‘Capitalising on international collaboration to mutually advance higher education, research and teacher training” and “How can industry partnerships provide sustainable pipelines of quality graduate talent”.

This final panel brought together such panelists such as Shielilo Amihan, Dean of the College of the Arts, Sciences and Education from Univ of Perpetual Help, Ruth Agor Research Director from Santa Isabel College of Manila, Arnel Rodelas VP for Academics at Quezon College, and Rosemaliza Mohd Kamalludeen from Int’l Islamic University in Malaysia.

The focus of this particular session was on sharing insights on how to build and sustain mutually beneficial links with industry. Individual presentations during the Tertiary Leaders Track Session were given by the former Dean of ADP at Taylor’s University, Dr Andy Nazurechuk, who provided an insightful look at “The employability impact of developing higher order thinking amongst tertiary students” and also by Professor Perry Hobson who spoke on “From research to employment, investing in measurable outcomes to drive global rankings”.

As Professor Perry Hobson noted, “Taylor’s is a leader in offering internationally recognised qualifications and education in Asia, for our innovative approaches to learning and teaching, and in adopting new technology. EduTECH offers a venue to bring together thought leaders from primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors together, along with technology companies and innovators. Of course, the conference is more than just about the technology as it embraces a wider range of topics” - (Global Matters 2018)