Taylor's World Class Teacher Scheme Celebrates Aspiring Teachers

Taylor’s University recently celebrated 16 young adults who triumphed over stringent rules of acceptance to gain acceptance into the Taylor’s World Class Teachers Scheme for 2013.

The unique component of this Scheme is that it guarantees the students employment at Taylor’s Schools at the end of their tertiary education.

Taylor’s Schools president, BK Gan shared that the scheme has been four years in the making.

“We wanted to create a neighborhood school of international standard that can provide its own brand of excellent holistic education to the (local) community. We wanted to provide an education that will meet the needs of our students, both local and international, and the only way we could possibly achieve this is to have teachers who are local but are 21st century pedagogy teachers,” he said.

He said that this aim was shared with Taylor's University Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Dato’ Dr. Hassan Said, who expressed his commitment to the effort.

The partnership between Taylor’s Schools and Taylor’s University will create future world class teachers, who will be capable to deliver the desired learning outcomes at Taylor’s Schools, on par with the high standards of education offered by Taylor’s Education Group.

Said Taylor's University Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Dato’ Dr. Hassan Said, with the increasing access to information and greater exposure to technology, today’s learners are more in-tune with global developments.

“The demand for educators thus, is not only to teach with passion, but rather to stay up-to-date to technology and global issues so they are able to take on a leadership role with their students. This also means the training these teachers get would have to be of top quality to assure that only educators who can cope with all these developments can go on to teach and groom our future leaders of the world,“ he said. Before presenting certificates and iPad’s to the recipients, Datuk Mary Yap, Deputy Minister of Education I, said that one of the 11 shifts in Malaysian Education Blueprint is to make teaching a profession of choice.

“The Taylor’s World Class Teacher Scheme is a timely means to bring the best students into the teaching profession. The stringent rules of acceptance; strong academic credentials, leadership quality and strong participation in co-curricular activities; ensure that they are trained to become teachers of high calibre.I hope Taylor’s University’s exemplary effort to this regard, is a yardstick for other institutions of higher education to emulate as it would assist in the government’s aim to raise the standard of Malaysian education,” she said.

The scheme, which was launched in April this year, was initiated to meet one of the five system aspirations- offering high quality education comparable to international standards- as identified by the Ministry of Education in its Education Blueprint.

The Diploma in Education (Primary Education) and Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) (Hons) offered by Taylor’s University School of Education via Taylor’s World Class Teachers Scheme will assist towards raising the standard of teaching in the country as it has strong eligibility requirements. The 12 students who have been awarded the Scholarship were required to showcase strong academic credentials, interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities prior to their selection.

In line with Taylor’s University’s aim to be a Top Employer’s, Top Choice University, TWCTS plays a pivotal role in moulding well-rounded graduates who possess a balance of academic excellence and soft skills relevant to the needs of the local and global industry.