Using Information Technology to Stay Competitive

Mr Siva Gunesparan shared his experience at ASVIDA Asia on taking a start-up company to a global platform

Companies today are heavily dependent on technology in order to deliver a wider and better range of products and services to their customers. Therefore, an effective IT system is an important ingredient to the success and continuity of all businesses. Knowing that information technology (IT) is a pivotal role for businesses to create value for their customers, ASVIDA Asia adopted a holistic IT ecosystem which provide IT solutions in cost-effective ways to businesses.

At the recent Expert Forum series organised by SOCIT, Senior Business Development Manager of ASVIDA Asia Singapore, Siva Gunesparan gave an insight to the current IT trends and how organisations have evolved to stay competitive. ASVIDA Asia was introduced as one of the leading independent supplier and maintenance service provider for Data Centre IT equipment. He used the company to illustrate some innovative strategies to take an IT business to a global scale.

ASVIDA Asia specialises in asset recovery and help companies maximise the value of their excess or end-of-life assets. Businesses have the flexibility of purchasing new or refurbished equipment, or renting the equipment depending on requirements and budget. The company removed the need to deal with multiple companies for hardware and maintenance requirements – increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Headquartered in Singapore, the niche market began in 2009 and has seen growth in 14 countries particularly in Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Gunesparan said that realising the importance in IT solutions, which helped achieve business goals, assisted to create affiliations with different countries resulting in rapid growth, whilst maintaining their expertise. He also highlighted that countries like Malaysia and Singapore have garnered adequate data servers and will experience slower growth than in Indonesia or Philippines.

Gunesparan shared with the audience that he was betrothed to be a doctor, however, ventured into the IT field upon learning his natural talents with computers. He ended the lecture with his belief: “A degree is an enabler into an industry. How you move is dependent on what you want to do.”