Knowledge Transfer & Commercialisation

In recent years, academic institutions are facing a decline in research funding from their traditional sources while globalisation exposes companies to new, steeper competitions beyond their shores.

There is now an increase in collaboration as universities seek research funding from the industry while the industry seeks for solutions beyond their traditional sources. Additionally, millennials are a lot more entrepreneurial than their predecessors, with many seeking to start organisations/businesses that will make a positive difference in the community they live in. 

In order to facilitate collaborations with the industry and to assist students in their entrepreneurial endeavours, many universities realise that there is a need to have a knowledge transfer and commercialisation office. Taylor’s University is no different. As a prestigious and well known academic institution in Malaysia, we strive to fulfil the need to stay on the right track in this fast-paced industry. 

Taylor’s University Knowledge Transfer and Commercialisation office, within the Research & Enterprise Department, has been tasked to not only assist with industry collaboration but also with the nurturing of ideas and technology into commercially viable propositions.