Research Testimonials

School of Engineering
  Master of Science in Engineering Programme

"As a well-established education provider, renowned for academic excellence and continuously striving for improvement; Taylor’s University is an obvious choice for a world class education experience.

Being conveniently located in the heart of the education hub that is Subang Jaya, coupled with a new beautiful and modern campus, excellent lecturers with interesting insights and academic thinking, and well-equipped laboratories and workshop, making the choice wasn’t difficult.

Their postgraduate programme encourages you to be self-motivated and connects you with people who are specialists in their field; that can propel you the next level. It has benefited me by providing me with a range of skills such as: networking, problem solving, analytical and critical thinking. It has made me more confident in myself to share my ideas and I am encouraged to disseminate my research findings in international peer-reviewed journals.

I continue to be very happy with my choice of attending Taylor’s University for its Masters programme as it has been a step in the right direction, and would highly recommend it to anyone. Every student will be pushed hard and expected to deliver a very high standard of work, but it will be a worthwhile experience. Studying here has been an absolutely brilliant and stimulating experience not to be missed!"
  PhD in Engineering

"I chose Taylors because of its incredible lakeside campus and well equipped labs. It has one of the biggest and study friendly libraries I have ever come across. The administration was extremely efficient in processing my admission and visa. From the very first day I was made to feel at home.

Being a mature student, I was quite nervous about getting back to studies again after so long. The immense support I received from my supervisor helped me to get right on track and I will shortly be attending my first conference. School of Engineering has great facilities for students, including a full range of workshops, well-equipped practical and computer lab facilities. The lab facility provides the research within the areas of acoustics and vibration by analysing and measuring the air borne and frame borne noise and vibration.

Things are about to get even better gradually by introducing more noise and vibration instrumentation. Taylor’s University has been nothing short of exciting since I joined. It has lived well above my expectations. I would encourage all potential applicants to at least visit the wonderful campus and meet the collaborative staffs who are leaders in their field."
  PhD in Engineering

"PhD in Engineering Education is new in Malaysia and I have been pursuing it at Taylor’s School of Engineering for almost two years. There are many reasons why pursuing this PhD here is unique compared to other institutions. Among the reasons is adoption of CDIO initiative which gave me an insight to one of the most contemporary educational practice in Malaysia when referring to educating future engineers.

The Graduate School also supports in providing modules that allows me to cross boundaries and learn as my PhD study concerns areas which I am new to. The lively atmosphere where student voices are constantly heard and encouraged allowed me to engage in discussions with students from other courses for academic as well as casual reasons.

Even classes held through open module setup were good platforms to network with other scholars as bring new areas of research as new ideas to the table. One of the milestones at the Taylor’s School of Engineering was to be aware of the need to exhibit growth as an early researcher. Bi-annually eureca conferences are held which requires both undergraduate and post graduate students to be involved which becomes a platform to start your engagement in academic writing. "
  Masters of Science in Engineering

"The Masters of Science in Engineering Programme offered at Taylor’s University had given me the opportunity to achieve this significant goal. As a pioneering postgraduate student enrolled in this programme, I acquired knowledge and skills in carrying out research work, handling of laboratory equipment as well as development in creative thinking.

These experiences were valuable in shaping me into a quality graduate. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to conduct tutoring which further enhanced my teaching and communication skills. Besides, the conducive environment at Taylors’s University together with helpful lecturers and staff had brought ease during my tenure as a research student. These are essential needs of aspiring students and it gives me an honour to have graduated from Taylor’s University.

The education journey I embarked at Taylor’s University was to research in Producing Biodiesel from Microalgae. I was keen on this topic as it involves environmental issues which I have always desired to explore. "
  Masters of Science in Engineering

"I am a degree graduate from Taylor’s University and I have worked multiple projects under my current postgraduate supervisor during my undergraduate studies, thus I have a good chemistry with my current supervisor before I graduate and I decided to do my postgraduate research under his supervisory. I have received many supports during my postgraduate research such as supervisory support, financial support, a space to do my research and the opportunities to try out new things for my research. For the potential postgraduate applicants out there, research is a very interesting subject and it is important not to forget dream big, be different and have fun while conducting your research at Taylor’s University. "
  PhD in Engineering

"I am blessed with a supportive supervisor who is ever willing to give a listening ear to my ideas. The modules for PhD students are well designed to equip them with the tools necessary for their academic pursuit. The only important consideration for wanting to pursue a PhD is your passion in the field of interest. With passion comes the joy of your journey."
  PhD in Engineering

"Taylor’s University is in the field of teaching and educating students for the past 45 years. It is a leading private education institution and a well-known institution for its wisdom and integrity. Taylor’s have more than 3000 career partners around the globe.

Doing Research in Taylor’s is an awesome experience. Accommodation facilities here in Taylor’s university is quite good. U-Residence provides me a home like feel and comfort. It also has a gym for the students to use. On the academics side, the lecturers here are very experienced in their field of research. Several scholarships and grants are available for the students. I personally insist all the potential applicants to consider Taylor’s for their future endeavour. "
  Masters of Science in Engineering

"I graduated with B.Eng in Chemical from Taylor’s and naturally progressed to doing post graduate here as well. The graduate school has several mechanisms in place to ensure that proper support is given to post graduate students and we are frequently encouraged to raise any concerns to the office so support can be provided. Nevertheless, my supervisor has given me much support over the course of my postgraduate and ensured that I am well on track to completion. Besides that, postgraduate students are also given the opportunity to take modules that will benefit their research which is also a big plus. Those looking to take on a postgraduate course should seriously consider taking it here as the support given is truly top notch."
  PhD in Engineering

"The campus is self-sufficient for providing high-quality education with extensive classrooms, seminar halls and labs. The university houses an extensive library with a vast collection of books. There is also a large collection of online journals and books which I feel very useful for my study in Engineering.

There are also plenty of shops for dining and refreshments. There is a graduate office and a student life center for addressing student academic and personal concerns. When my visa to join Taylors University was approved, one of my long term wishes to join an international university was fulfilled. My supervisor Dr. Florence played a vital role in making this happen so I wish to describe my period of study under her supervision. She is highly intelligent one of the unique traits associated with academicians at Taylors University. She understands my limitations, provides the necessary guidance and also highlights the important aspects that are required in undertaking the study.

Being a lecturer for a few years, they not only helped to enhance my knowledge on the various modules, but also trained me to improve my teaching skills. I would highly recommend Taylors University as the best choice for all aspiring students who wish to gain a wholesome learning experience."
  PhD in Engineering

"To pursue higher Education degree up to Doctorate level is always my dream in Life. Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus provided me with inspiration and creative environment to venture into this goal. It is conducive for sustainable engineering research such as visible light communication. It has potential to strive for future generation of communication as well as illuminations with great impact on energy savings. With the proliferation of smart phones and tablet devices, there will be a crunch in radio frequency spectrum.

Therefore, my research in visible light communication will open up a possible solution with safer technology into the future. The support from staff and supervising lecturers are superb. Taylor’s University is industry oriented when compared to other institutions. The networking of overseas collaborations is excellent.

With strong industrial support and sharing of research laboratories, potential applicants will have unlimited resources for various high technological research. The outcome base curriculum in Taylor’s University also enhance one’s capability in achieving the research objectives. "
  Master of Science in Engineering

"After much research done on the universities available for my postgraduates programme, I have made a decision to pursue my studies in Taylor’s University due to its well-equipped facilities & resources provided such as the Energy and Fluids Lab, and Materials and Solids Lab as well as its affordable (or value for money) tuition fees.

Apart from that, Taylors University provides a platform for students to involve in club activities besides studying in class alone, which allow students to develop various skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills and leadership skills.

In addition, the experienced and dedicated panel of lecturers has guided me throughout the entire journey of my postgraduate studies. My supervisor always ensure I completed the task designated within the allocated time frame, and constant feedback were provided on each of my tasks which enables me to improve my knowledge and skills continuously.

For the potential applicants out there, dare to dream, be fearless and be determined. Have courage, be bold and be at the right place with the right people to achieve your dream, own your future with Taylors."
  PhD in Engineering

"My experience so far as a graduate student at Taylor’s School of Engineering has been an interesting one. When I joined Taylor’s as a graduate student, I never had imagined the opportunities that I have been given. Everything from travelling abroad to learn about the latest innovation in my research field, to converting my MSc candidacy to a PhD candidacy, to simply just carrying out my research; the staff in the school, especially my supervisors; have been very supportive and encouraging. They have been and still are pushing me beyond my limits and helping me to grow academically, and as a person.

The use of renewable energy is on the rise with the increase concern of energy security due to the depletion of fossil fuels and the environmental effects caused by its use. However, renewable energy is often generated at the wrong time and place and is therefore wasted. To harness this wrong time, wrong place energy, energy storage is required, my research project aims study the use of liquefied air as an energy storage system. The study is focused on improving the exergy efficiency of the air liquefaction process and predicting the phase change inside the heat exchanger using computational fluid dynamics. "