Introducing The Taylor’s Curriculum Framework

You have the flexibility to experience a multi-dimensional education system and the framework is refined with the building blocks of academic excellence, life skills and emotional well-being.


Design your own path with a
dynamic curriculum.


Expose your learning across multiple
and cross-discipline areas.


Personalise your course based on
your interests, strengths and aspirations.

Choose common modules across disciplines that provides basic knowledge and fundamentals for a discipline, or choose a specialised module to go in depth in a particular discipline.

Develop critical thinking, build up social intelligence and cultivate civic responsibility as well broaden cultural knowledge with these modules.

Complement your primary major with related or unrelated fields from the same or different course through free electives, extension, minor, or a second major.

Key Benefits

You will graduate multi-skilled and culturally adaptive with international mobility experiences
to make you future-ready.

Graduate Multi-skilled

Be marketable with future-proof skills, enhanced with your unique interests and strengths.

Graduate A Global Citizen

Be globally and culturally adaptive through international mobility opportunities.

Graduate Future-ready

Be adaptable to high job mobility through independent self-directed learning.

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