The SHINE Award Programme and the 2nd Transcript was officially launched in November 2014 and its framework was endorsed by 20 Top Employers who lauded this bold move by Taylor’s University. 
Since its inception, a total of 3,272 students have enrolled into this programme which promotes students’ self-directed holistic development in four areas; Personal Development, People and Leadership, Professional Development and Global Engagement.

This programme has now completed its first cycle as the students’ SHIN E Learning Journey is for the duration of 3 years. In this period, the programme has received many positive feedbacks from students. This was validated through documented videos from the SHINE Award recipients and through the reflection submission of many other SHINE students who participated in the Core Empowerment Series and various Experiential Opportunities.

This is a voluntary programme, all core components (the Core Empowerment Series) are being done outside of the curriculum.

Awards won by the SHINE Award Programme were:
  • IUCEL (International University Carnival on e-Learning) 2016 Gold Award Winner : Driving Holistic Development through the SHINE Portal
  • Wenhui Award 2015: Honourable Commendation: SHINE Award Programme - A Commitment to Holistic Development and Graduate Employability

The SHINE Award Programme is proven to be successful through the testimonials of students benefitting and impacted by it. However, the programme can only impact and add value to those who choose to sign up for it voluntarily.





A momentous change is underway with the global economy and future job trends. It is not enough to simply build a young workforce with futureproof skills; we need to ensure young people are resilient in all aspects, including their emotional well-being.

The core of the Life Skills Modules focuses on Emotional Intelligence; self-awareness; self-management; social awareness, and relationship management. Emotional Intelligence is predicted by World Economic Forum to be one of the most demanded skill by 2020 for all job seekers.

In 2016 finding by EduAdvisor shows that every year, over 200,000 students graduate from institutions of higher learning. Shockingly, 1 out of 4 graduates remain unemployed 6 months after graduation, with the majority being Degree holders. These graduates make up 31.4% of those who are unemployed.


The delivery of SHINE 2.0 will ensure that students who graduate from it will not only have a tool box of life skills, but to also be highly sought after by Top Employers. It will continue to encourage student participation in 5 core self-directed experiential journey which is the Voluntary Initiatives, Leadership Commitment, Work Experience, Global Experience and Personal Development to develop and acquire the Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities.

In lieu of Taylor’s holistic education vision, the new Life Skills Modules Framework was reviewed by life skills experts. They are:
  1. Jim Warner, Advisor, author, speaker on Business Transitions and Personal Transformation
  2. Professor Jack Miller, Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning at OISE
  3. Michael E Kossler, Curriculum Director, The Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre 

These modules will take all First Year and First Semester Undergraduates through a transformative learning journey in which they develop a tool-kit of life skills that will help them manage and navigate the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world of today. These modules are a foundational platform that launches students into their degree equipped with the four key skillsets of emotional intelligence: self-awareness; self-management; social awareness, and relationship management. It will be taken concurrently with each module having 2 Credits and 28 hours of engagement in 14 Weeks.
The modules are:
1. MPU 2: Life Skills for Success & Well-Being:

2. MPU 3: Millennials in Malaysia: Team Dynamics and Relationship Management

The SHINE Award and 2nd Transcript recognizes the achievements and accredits the involvements of students engaged in all six core self-directed experiential journey.

As SHINE 2.0 requires students to articulate and reflect upon their self-directed experiences, the SHINE Portal will be the platform for students to submit their reflections, manage and track their own progress.

To achieve the SHINE Award, students are required to complete the submission containing evidences of the 5 core self-directed experiential journey in the SHINE Portal and also their SHINE Learning Journey e-portfolio. The involvements will be attested in the 2nd Transcript.

The SHINE Award and 2nd Transcript will be presented to students during the annual Student Development Recognition Ceremony.