With a strong commitment to holistic development, Taylor’s University is proud to introduce the SHINE Award - an achievement record that formally recognises and rewards all students who wish to reach their full potential by taking part in fun and diverse extra-curricular activities both on and off-campus.

Let us inspire and place our students on the right track to a dazzling future with The SHINE Award.

Students get to explore exciting social activities, meet and make new friends, and gain skills that will give them an extra sparkle over the rest. Our students’ future employers will thank them for having these extra knowledge and skills!

"What is going to get you hired, compared to hundreds other graduates out there? Your ability to SHINE."

“Over 50% of fresh graduates are not offered a job despite their academic qualifications.”
- Jobstreet Malaysia 2013

Here Are the Top 5 Reasons Many Fresh Graduates Remain Unemployed.
  • 67% Asking for Unrealistic Salary and Benefits
  • 60% Poor Character, attitude, or personality
  • 55% Poor Communication and Collaboration skills
  • 55% Poor Command of the English Language
  • 42% Lack of Required Skills
Source: English skills more important for employers: JobStreetsurvey, Sept 23,2013 (Digital News Asia, Comms)

TOP 10 Skills That Employers Want

“There is ‘a disconnect' between what graduates put down on their curriculum vitae and what they are like in reality. When we hire, we consider the way graduates converse and portray themselves to be more important than what’s in the CV. What’s the point in having good academic results when they can’t communicate, can’t conduct a proper conversation and have no confidence?”
- Nina Adlan, Director of Prospect Consulting Sdn Bhd 

Only 3% of employers think that your university degree is somewhat important.
* Source: The Employment Mismatch, Chronicle of Higher Education, May 14, 2013

Securing a job can be quite daunting especially when students need to compete with several other graduates out there who own the same degree. But with SHINE Award and the 2nd transcript, help is at hand. SHINE Award and the 2nd transcript would definitely help students to stand out from the rest in becoming employable as employers are able to see solid evidence of activities students have participated during their tertiary studies.