The Student Success Centre (SSC) was established to assist first year students as they navigate the challenges of adjusting to university studies. SSC offers pro-active, targeted intervention for students via a mix of workshops, one-to-one appointments and peer support services to provide varied learning opportunities on the students journey towards academic success.

SSC works with various programs to implement a holistic approach to gear the students towards independence and intentionality concerning their Academic Literacy Development in order to enhance their curricular experiences, and Personal Development to capture their developmental milestones via a learning portfolio. SSC also provides the necessary support to academics tasked to develop a systematic and comprehensive First Year Experience program and Peer Assisted Study Sessions. This is to ensure that the first year experiences of students (especially at-risk students) are shaped through a delivery system that goes beyond the initial orientation and induction week.

The SSC will facilitate the early engagement of first year students via the following:
  • Assisting with orientation programmes to effectively onboard new students.
  • Training on important transition issues for tertiary success in the first year.
  • Collaborating with schools to complement peer support via the PALS platform.
  • Engaging with “at risk” students to plan their academic recovery by assisting students to identify their goals consistent with their capabilities and skillset.

SSC Objectives
The key objectives of the Student Success Centre are to:
  • Promote and embed the First Year Experience (FYE) at key touchpoints in the student’s academic life-cycle to facilitate the smooth adjustment of new students into the university.
  • Develop a suite of peer-learning programmes under the Peer Assisted Learning Services (PALS) and train peer leaders who will spearhead collaborative learning initiatives.
  • Assist students in creating their Personal Success Plan and capturing their development milestones in a TGC Portfolio.
  • Establish intervention programs, support services and early alert mechanisms to identify and assist academically “at risk” students in terms of providing targeted support to reduce disengagement and encourage persistence.
  • Encourage and support student learning and development activities to cultivate key skills and competencies with the aim of enabling students to take their place as productive leaders in the global community.